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The 1st Technion Computer Engineering (TCE) Conference – Day #2 (June 2, 2011)

June 5, 2011 Leave a comment

This year the Technion, (Israel institute of technology) held the “The 1st Technion Computer Engineering (TCE) Conference (June 2, 2011)“, I registered myself to the second day (Thursday 2, June). This day topics were on “Computer Architecture & Systems” and lot of lecturer both from academic and industry were present, among them I had the pleasure to listen to Leslie Lamport (from Microsoft), well known for his “Paxos algorithm” paper (see resources) and really nice other lecturers like Yale N. Patt (Texas University).

Below are some of my impression for this day

  • Moore Law seems to reach limit – or at least it is not sure that the race to double the number of transistor each 18 months still the primary goal of the CMOS industry (too much core we barely need so much)
  • Parallel programming, is one of the major topic that should be learn, and we should stop creating the “its complicated” barrier on the topic
  • Security on the cloud data seems to have a major attention both by Microsoft and Intel
  • Theory (Mathematics) and Hardware knowledge are important to achieve performant programming.


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